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Feedback Faith Under Fire exhibit | Florida Holocaust Museum

July 30, 2008

This letter is written in support of the Arnold Liebster Foundation and their exhibition, Faith Under Fire created for the Florida Holocaust Museum. Through this exhibition, the Florida Holocaust Museum and other exhibition sites are able to educate visitors, mostly school-aged students, on the little known history of the Nazi’s other victims. The exhibition explains the persecution Jehovah’s Witnesses faced during the Holocaust and their courage in the face of great danger.

Faith Under Fire helps to communicate the lessons of the Holocaust in an easy to understand, well-organized and visually appealing way. Visitors who see the exhibition often comment that by seeing it, they learned something that was previously unknown to them. It is easily one of the most popular temporary exhibitions we host.


Erin Blankenship
Curator of Exhibitions & Collections
Florida Holocaust Museum
55 Fifth Street South
Saint Petersburg, Florida 33701