School Events

School Events 2021

Oshawa, Ontario, Canada Video conference with 164 students parents members of the community and Simone Liebster.December 27 Calgary, Alberta, Canada Video conference with 164 students,

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School Events 2020

Petaluma, California – USA Video conference with 227 students, parents, members of the community, and Simone Liebster.December 25 Wallkill and Fishkill, New York and Duluth,

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Gemälde des Holzstapels in Buchenwald

School Events Before 2005

2004 Reichenbach/Lautertal – Germany Max Liebster becomes an honorary citizen in his hometown. Excerpts from the daily Bergstrasser Anzeiger. 2002 Buchenwald Concentration Camp Memorial – Germany

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Illinois Council for the Social Studies, Palatine, IL

School Events 2017

North Carolina Council on the Holocaust, Columbia, North Carolina – USA The Arnold-Liebster Foundation contributed educator resources for the Teacher Workshop: History of Anti-Semitism.November 29

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School Events 2011

Cherryville High School, Cherryville, North Carolina – USA Skype conference with 11th and 12th grade students and Simone Liebster.December 15 Imagine Master Academy, Fort Wayne,

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School Events 2015

Memphis, Tennessee – USA Skype conference with middle and high school students and Simone Liebster.December 26 Asheville, North Carolina – USA Skype conference with middle

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