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BIOGRAPHY ADOLPHE ARNOLD CHAPTER 9 (1963-1977): A full life and peaceful end

Die vereinte Familie 1977 vor dem Haus. Von links nach rechts: Max, Simone, Emma, Adolphe, Eugénie
The united family in 1977 in front of the house. From left to right: Max, Simone, Emma, Adolphe, Eugénie

The Arnolds made their new family home in the beautiful alpine town of Aix-les-Bains, where as yet no congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses existed.

Adolphe’s great devotion to spreading hope about God’s coming Kingdom still burned within him, and he shared in helping many to build faith in Bible promises. When the Witnesses held large regional assemblies, the artist team of father and daughter painted huge murals as stage backdrops. Son-in-law Max, who had worked as a window dresser, provided the know-how, muscle, and enthusiasm to install these giant labours of love.

Max proved to be not only a son-in-law but a real son to Adolphe. During Bible discussions in people’s homes, he served as Adolphe’s ears, fielding questions and opening the way for Adolphe to share his faith. He regularly attended all congregational meetings in spite of his hearing loss. Simone sat next to him, writing notes and Bible citations for him to read. The family could only communicate with him through the written word.

Sister-in-law Eugenie, who had spent scarce time and money to send food parcels to Adolphe and Emma in the camps, moved to Aix to be near her sister. In 1974, she became a widow again, and Adolphe once more invited her to eat with the family every day. The final Sunday of 1977, Adolphe went out for the last time, sharing his faith and worshiping with the congregation. Two days later at the age of 80, Adolphe collapsed as he sat reading a Bible magazine, leaving his beloved Emma deeply grieved. Only a few hours earlier; he had helped Simone with a difficult fabric design.

Adolphe’s peaceful departure brought an end to a familiar picture—Adolphe and Emma sitting side by side, sharing together in writing of their mutual love and spiritual devotion.