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Jonas Schwartz, 8th Grade

Language Arts Class
West Noble Middle School, Ligonier, Indiana

Holocaust Multi Genre Research Project: Jonas chose Adolphe Arnold as the focus of his research. He packed a bag with items Adolphe Arnold might have kept with him when he was imprisoned. The contents of the bag included a Bible, songbook, photo of his daughter Simone, a purple triangle, and two fictional letters stating what Jonas believes the family would have said if they could communicate with each other.

Jonas Schwartz and his teacher Ashley Libben

Letter to Adolphe Arnold from his wife Emma

December 5, 1941

Dear Adolphe,

Simone and I are having trouble coping with the constant threat of being arrested by the Gestapo. I trust that Jehovah our god is watching over us during this time of crisis. We are praying for you every night. We just hope that you can cope through this. The best thing that we can do is stay faithful.

We love you Adolphe. Simone is growing into a beautiful young girl. If only you could see her. I ask that you keep hope in your heart and that you please pray for us. These times really can make you think twice about yourself. I trust that you’re anxious to see us when you get out of that horrid place. Know that we are praying for you and that we love you. Jehovah loves you.

With concern and love,

Letter to Simone and Emma Arnold from Adolphe Arnold

December 7, 1941

Dearest Simone and Emma,

I have recently been sent from Nuremberg to Dachau. You are both in my mind all the time that I am gone. Try not to worry about me. Always know that Jehovah is with us and will help us face the Lion. I have great courage knowing that he is with us. He is my rock as he is yours.

Please keep on praying for me and for yourselves. Pray not just for deliverance from this great evil but pray for more faith. As we know, spiritual weakness is more dangerous than physical weakness. I love you both with all my heart. Oh how I miss our home. Especially the home cooked meals. The food here in the camps is not something to talk about. When I come back, I will be expecting a lot on the table.

I cannot wait to hold my little Simone in my arms once again. I want to see how much you’ve grown. You have most likely grown into a beautiful young lady. Stay strong for me until I come back.

With a deep love,
Adolphe Arnold