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Endim Mang, 6th Grade

March 5, 2016

Class Assignment: Essay reflecting on lessons learned from Facing the Lion: Memoirs of a Young Girl in Nazi Europe by Simone Arnold Liebster.
Prince Chapman Academy, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Endim Mang

Don’t Take Revenge

“We do not pay back evil for evil.” I agree with this because if you get revenge, more bad things could happen. It is also better to forgive someone, and there will be peace.

First, if you get revenge, more bad things could happen. If you take revenge on somebody and you hurt them more than they hurt you before, you could end up getting punished instead of the other person even if they started it first.

Second, it is better to forgive. When you forgive someone, you will have less stress and feel better. Forgiving someone could also avoid you from depression, anxiety and chronic pain. And when you forgive someone, you can give them another chance and keep a good relationship with them.

Last, there will be peace when you don’t take revenge. Peace is better than having war, enemies, and violence. Wouldn’t it be better if everyone were friends and got along? When there’s peace, nobody’s feelings will be hurt, everyone will be friendly to each other, and nothing bad will happen to anyone.

This is why revenge is bad. Taking revenge could make more bad things happen, and it’s better to forgive someone and to have peace. Revenge is like being as foolish as your enemy.