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Eli Charlson, 6th Grade

History Explore Fair May 2013 Horizon Middle School, Moorhead, MN

The project
Eli Charlson and his teacher Kacie Holcomb

Max Liebster was one of three kids. He loved working with clothes. He worked at his family store. He loved his job. But he had to leave. His family store was looted and burned. His family left and went to the u.s.a. but he did not. He went to # 3 camp’s. He spent 6 years in the camps and saw his dad die. He made a very good man and he watched him die.

Max is remembered for surviving the holocaust. He served 6 years in 3 camps. He witnessed a lot of people die. He made a lot of friends in this time. He was imprisoned for being a jew. He met his future wife in the camp. He was a creative man and I learned he was not a fun man. He witnessed a lot of people starve. He met a nice man in the camp and he helped Max out.

Max was remembered for surviving the holocaust. He left the camp feeling good. For once in his life he did not have to look over his shoulder. He was creative but because of the holocaust he was not a fun man. He loved kids and he died happy. He died in 2006. His wife still lives and is still happy.

I have loved learning about Max Liebster and hope that the story will go on. I now that I can spend more time on the research. It was fun learning about Max and his wife. I learned a lot about the holocaust. I want to thank his wife for the support and all the other people. Thank you.