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Cameron Wood, 6th Grade

Living Wax Museum on May 19, 2015
Leesburg Elementary School, Leesburg, IN

For several weeks, the 6th grade students at Leesburg Elementary School learned about the Holocaust. They created a Living Wax Museum by researching and portraying a Holocaust victim through costume and a speech. Cameron chose to portray Gregor Wohlfahrt.

Gregor was born on March 10, 1896, in Austria and raised a Catholic. Gregor and his wife became Jehovah’s Witnesses during the late 1920s, and they raised a family of six children. After Germany annexed Austria in 1938, the situation for Jehovah’s Witnesses worsened because they refused to swear an oath of loyalty to Hitler.

Gregor was arrested on September 1, 1939, tried by a military court in Berlin for opposing military service, and executed by guillotine on December 7, 1939 in Berlin’s Ploetzensee Prison.

His resolve to stand firm in his faith strengthened his family throughout the rest of the war.

Cameron Wood
as Gregor Wohlfahrt