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Facing the Lion review

by Joy Moore, Davenport, IA

Arnold Liebster Foundation : Facing the lion

Memoirs of a Young Girl in Nazi Europe

Simone Arnold Liebster

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This story takes a potent look at a disturbing time in history. It is the story of Nazi Germany told through the eyes of a little girl.

Born into a loving and secure family, Simone Arnold's world was turned upside down when Hitler rose to power. School quickly became a familiar battleground of daily opposition in the form of threats and ridicule because Simone refused to Heil Hitler. Finally expelled and put in a Nazi penitentiary home, her existence became a sustained struggle for psychological survival. Sometimes we dismiss the young as incapable of having strong convictions. Simone proves that someone young can stand and stand alone. Rather than being discouraging and depressing, Facing the Lion is stimulating and uplifting. I would, therefore, recommend this record for young and old alike to read.

In the world today bullying has become a common topic in the media. We see warnings that humans are still capable of unthinkable brutality. Why do we need another narrative of man's inhumanity to man? Why yet another memoir? Because this story has a different flavor and approach. It is one that inspires grit, mettle and integrity. We are appropriately reminded of our capacity for courage, resolution and conscience. Individually we can make a decision and live with that decision in the face of our own personal lion.

How do you tell a story of a turbulent period so that it is not forgotten? 

How do you keep future generations from becoming complacent? 

How do you count the human toll in terms other than numbers?

By one name and one face at a time.

Joy Moore, Author
Davenport, IA


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