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Part 2 : A Hidden Source of Courage


This tiny Bible measures 3.5” x 5” and is 1” thick. The Leander van Ess Catholic version of the Bible contained only the Christian Greek Scriptures and the Psalms.

tiny Bible tiny Bible
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Hidden by her mother in a sewing box with a false bottom, it traveled with 12-year old Simone Arnold when she was  ordered to report to Wessenberg Reformatory for Girls in Germany in 1943.

In her memoir Facing the Lion: Memoirs of a Young Girl in Nazi  Europe, Simone relates:

" Cleaning day after day under Fräulein Messinger’s bed, I got an idea: I would hide my little Bible in the springs. At first I hesitated out of fear. It meant I had to empty my sewing box totally in order to take the Bible out . . .My little book ended up in the springs in the middle of Fräulein Messinger’s bed . . . Regular Bible reading eased my inner feelings. I regained confidence in my hopes for the  future. Far away I was creating, building, planning in a peaceful  paradise world..."


Under the bed


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