international activities - 2007

The Purple Triangles in Ravensbrück

Extract from a press release dated 07/07/2007


Exhibition dedicated to prisoners known as Jehovah's Witnesses at the Ravensbrück concentration camp.

"During a very long time, some 1100 Jehovah's Witnesses prisoners in Ravensbrück were not even mentioned.  We feel we need to make amends for that failure" declared Insa Eschebach, director of the Ravensbrück Concentration Camp Memorial during the vernissage of the special exhibition which was held in the old camp Bunker." (…)

Sixteen short biographies were placed on display panels, relating the fate of these men and women persecuted by the Nazis. (…)  We are told the story of Dorothea Golly, born in Hamburg in 1887, and of her husband, born in 1891 (who died in Dachau concentration camp on 16 February 1945).  They were forced to close down their barbershop after a Nazi-led boycott.  After that, Dorothea was successively imprisoned in the camps of Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel, Ravensbrück and Uckermark.  In 1945, she declared in an official document:  “In the Ravensbrück camp, I became totally blind after work involving sorting out furs.” (…)


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