international activities - 1995

Buchenwald 1995

Max LiebsterIn Buchenwald in 1995, Max Liebster found the very woodpile which he had sat behind...
It is still there...


As Max Liebster described it in his memoirs :

I couldn't bear to leave Fritz to face death alone. So side by side, we marched to the train tracks as ordered. The tracks terminated near the camp, at the edge of the forest. The SS men were jumpy and drove the prisoners into near hysteria. The prisoners' plaintive cries were heartbreaking. Fritz had a few pages from Revelation, the last book of the Bible. I suggested that we slip behind a woodpile not far from the tracks and away from the chaos.

There we could draw upon the strength of God's Word to meet our death calmly and with dignity. From the other side of the woodpile arose the roar of mayhem. The SS screamed, shoving and flailing the frenzied prisoners. The squealing doors slammed shut, and the engine pulled the train out into the woods, leaving us behind. As the sound of the train receded, we sat behind the woodpile paralyzed in disbelief. (pages 88-89)

Max Liebster

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