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The Arnold-Liebster Foundation was established by Holocaust-era survivors Max Liebster and Simone Arnold Liebster in January 2002 to educate future generations in the lessons of history.

A non-political, non-profit organization, it strives to keep alive the memory of victims of dictatorships and religious persecution. The foundation supports historical research and educational programs for the purpose of promoting peace, tolerance, human rights, and religious freedom.

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Mission statement

The Arnold-Liebster Foundation seeks to promote peace, tolerance, human rights, and religious freedom by peaceful and nonpolitical means. Building on the Holocaust-era experiences of its founders, Max Liebster and Simone Arnold Liebster, the foundation supports historical research, teacher training, educational seminars, scholarly publications, roundtable discussions, museum exhibitions, film showings, and similar projects.

Through these activities, the foundation especially aims to help young people to repudiate racism, xenophobic nationalism, and violence, and to learn to listen to the voice of conscience. The Liebsters have addressed numerous audiences at schools, universities, museums, and public events in more than 60 European and North American cities.

The Arnold-Liebster Foundation is based on the founders’ lifelong commitment to peace education.


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